The Bucket Life – Chapter 2 – Rome


One down and four destinations to go. Polar opposite of Iceland’s natural beauty is the eternal city of Rome. This was my first time visiting this amazing city and looking out the plane’s window I could tell we were in for a treat. If you’ve never been to Rome it’s a must do before you die kind of place.  Rome is one of the oldest modern-day civilizations, the original epicenter of Western ways and a walking textbook of beautiful art, delicious foods, notable architecture and rich history. But it’s the people who are the keepers of culture, the guardians and the guides. They mentor artistic apprentices…they inspire flavor through shared kitchens…they build and create and teach and protect, and because of this, visitors sense peace in this pulsing city.


Rome’s weather is nothing like Iceland’s cool air and occasional rain shower. Instead we were met head on with 90 degree temperatures and blazing sunshine, so we ditched our rain jackets and jeans and opted for t-shirts and flip-flops. Although Gray Line runs buses throughout the city our guides notified us that the quickest way to cover the most ground was on foot…damn. It’s going to get hot. We stripped our packs to the bare essentials and hit the streets to film as much of this ancient city as possible. Four days later and a few pounds lighter we left proud with what we had accomplished, inspired by what we had experienced and excited to visit Barcelona.

The gold used for the decoration on this ceiling was a gift from the King and Queen of Spain and was the first to come from the American Colonies.


Not everything beautiful in Rome is covered in Gold and walking through the alleyways you often stumble across hidden gems like this hallway and gate.


The Altare della Patria lit up at night.


Ponte Sant’ Angelo, meaning the Bridge of Hadrian spans the Tiber river and is decorated with statues of angels.


The Circus Maximus is an ancient Roman chariot racing stadium and now functions as a large park area and is often used for concerts.


The history of this city can be overwhelming, but it can also put you at ease…as almost everything has been done before in Rome.


Walking through the alleyways we came across a local artist handcrafting violins. We stopped in, said hello and filmed footage of him working.


Exploring Rome at night is a totally different experience from daytime. I loved seeing all the monuments and buildings change form through light.


After four days of filming we barely scratched the surface. It would take months to film Rome so we drove out of the city and shot big scenics looking back in.


Time to slow things down. Next on our list, Barcelona.




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