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In 2011 Macy Miller knew she needed to make a change. What followed wasn’t something you might expect. Deciding it was time to downsize, Macy bought a trailer, went to the hardware store a few thousand times and built herself a tiny house. Documenting the process on her blog MiniMotives, Macy engaged the tiny house community and began to inspire others to give the movement a try. During the eighteen months it took to build her house, Macy also fell in love with James Herndon, a local architect and supporter of tiny living. Now expecting their second child together, Macy and Jim continue to live in their tiny house with their great dane Denver, who also happens to have a starring role in our film.

The shoot had a series of challenges including limited space to shoot, hundred degree temperatures and a few rainstorms, but in the end we are really happy with how everything turned out. While tiny living probably isn’t in the future for any of us here at Wit House, we hope Macy’s story will inspire those who are looking to make a change to explore the tiny movement and possibly embrace it themselves.

Special thanks to Macy Miller and James Herndon
Produced by: SketchUp & Wit House
Directed by: Wit House
Cinematography by: Rex Lint
Edited by: Wit House
Music by: Cleod 9 Music
Color by: Post Modern Company


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