SketchUp Viewer

SketchUp Viewer: communicate and experience design in 3D

This year SketchUp launched SketchUp Viewer, an amazing way to experience your designs by bringing your 3D models to life in mixed reality, and step into a powerful new way to explore, understand, and share your work.

Partnering with SketchUp, our goal was to create a story based on our friends at OZ Architecture and the new World Trade Center Denver which the designed in SketchUp. Using the OZ Architect’s office, we filmed for two straight days and faced many challenges, including the best way to fit in CGI animations.

All in all we are thrilled with the outcome.

Executive Producer - Mark Harrison (SketchUp)
Director - Cole Garrison (Wit House)
Director of Photography - Dane Henry (Dane Henry Digital)
MoVi Tech - Canyon Florey (Lite Pro Jib)
Crew - Brad Stabio, Jayson Loughlin
Graphics - Shawn Astrom (SA Studios)
Color Correction - Peder Morgenthaler (Frame Linear)
Music - Ian McCleod (Cleod9 Music)
Talent - Donna Baldwin Agency
Launch project

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