The Bucket Life – Iceland

We as humans are 90 percent water, so it’s no wonder we feel so alive in a place that offers it in such variety. Frozen, natural, falling off of cliffs, creating glacier walls, and steaming up from hot springs — Iceland IS water so its no surprise that we are all connected to this majestic place.

Iceland seems to pump out a unique type of oxygen. It’s the kind of air that fills your lungs and lifts your soul. One that invigorates locals and rejuvenates those lucky enough to visit by giving them room to breathe.

From Reykjavík, water calls you from every direction. You are free to pursue our own adventure or follow the locals lead – everyone is at home on this island. Iceland’s 40,000 square miles are peppered with glass-like lakes, lagoons and Springs, while the rivers that run throughout offer energy, they evoke peace and instill wellness and they provide much needed hydration for our spirit found only in Iceland.

Iceland was formed atop the Mid-Atlantic Ridge after centuries of volcanic eruptions. This amazing place is where the North American and European continents collide. It’s an unparalleled landscape. A horizon sculpted with hard lines and dramatic shadows. It has rolling hills as far as the eye can see and views of clouds of fog that blanket jagged rocks. It has unique dark-as-night sand formed from volcanic eruptions and views of glacial ice submerged for thousands of years greeting the sun for the first time.

Wind and waves batter the shore and its visitors at Iceland’s black sand beaches. Rugged and raw, the landscape is proof of mother nature’s true power, as the area is known for gale-force winds and a fast-rising tide. After centuries of work, these forces have carved unique vantage points on this untamed shoreline.

Because Iceland has no real predators – no bears, no wolves – the sheep can roam free with no fear, no expectation, nowhere to be. It’s a welcome metaphor for those of us feeling over scheduled, searching for freedom from our busy lives.

Iceland is a country full of people excited to share their best-kept secrets. They are people who like to play host looking to create life-long friendships…people excited about sharing their journey and learning about yours, and as the party winds down and the night ramps up, Iceland get’s ready to put on a show that has made them world famous.

We’ve looked to the sky for direction and understanding for centuries. From city lights to Northern Lights, we want to see the path of what’s next. And there is something about the aurora borealis removes our anxiety and replaces it with awe. It has been described by many as a “child-like wonder.” A chance to see these lights dancing across the sky is, by definition, a new dawn and an experience you’ll never forget.

Iceland is adventure. Roughly 10% of Iceland is covered by glaciers. Adventurous guides love getting people above the clouds, under the ice and back to surface level. It takes a monster of a vehicle to traverse an ever-changing road, an unwavering level of trust in your guide and a certain amount of bravery to go into the glacier. This experience inside the ice caves is Iceland for your inner explorer.
Travel builds trust. Its taking down your walls and allowing yourself be guided through the unknown. Its about putting control aside and letting someone else make the decision. Its a new friend who leads you down a road that you never knew existed. And because you’ve gone, you’re better for it.

We need travel to fill our souls, but we also need travel for regrowth. Iceland gives us a chance to reset. The people, the metaphors, the beauty, the wonder…it reminds us to strengthen our foundation. To fill our days with something more. This place reminds us to carve out time, unplug, hydrate and come back anew.

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Gray Line
Executive Producer - Gray Line
Director - Wit House - Cole Garrison
Camera Operators - Cole Garrison, Rex Lint, Dane Henry, Shawn Corrigan
Editing - Wit House - Cole Garrison
Music - Cleod9 Music & The Music Bed
Script - Jenn Asbury & Cole Garrison
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