Brand Videos

Create brand awareness through awe-inspiring Brand Videos. Share company values, visions and beliefs with jaw-dropping visuals, dynamic sounds and creative storytelling only possible through video. Powerful Reasons to Create Your Brand Video Now: Video Boosts Conversions and [...]Read more

Educational Videos

Educational Videos teach your audience something new, using a faster, easier and overall more fun method. Definitely consider Educational Videos as a top priority when creating your yearly pipeline of video content. Your target audience is currently searching for new information, [...]Read more

Video Documentaries

Not all Video Documentaries need to run an hour or longer. Although full-length documentaries are more likely to reach a national audience, mini documentaries are also a great way to share a story. The length of a mini documentary is anywhere from 2-25 minutes and is also [...]Read more

Product Videos

There’s more than one way to make an effective Product Video. Product Videos tell a story. They need to be branded, they need to put your product or service in context and they need to reiterate your brand values and promises. Product Videos should be short, especially when [...]Read more
Corporate Event Photo

Corporate Event Video

Corporate Event Video adds excitement and layers to an often boring affair. Don’t shy away from video based on false assumptions. The reality is, video will enhance your event by making it more engaging. Corporate Event Video also impacts the success of future events as [...]Read more

Real Estate Video

Creating great Real Estate Video takes time. In the fast-paced world of real estate, time is money. Save energy, resources and time by hiring Wit House to plan, produce and delivery high-quality Real Estate Video to fill your yearly production pipeline. Draw more attention to [...]Read more

Motion Graphics

Create Motion Graphic Videos for Your Business. When it comes to video marketing, the stats speak for themselves. 70% of consumers are more likely to buy your product after viewing a video, 92% of viewers on a mobile device share the video with others, and 70% of marketers say [...]Read more

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