The Bucket Life – Chapter 1 – Iceland


Following the success of the #FindAReasonToGo campaign we once again joined forces with Gray Line Worldwide to develop their online presence through video. The job was to create a mini-series that would inspire people to travel right. To travel for impact vs. checking off another box. To embrace your personal journey and grow from your experiences. To live “The Bucket Life.”

The second project presented our three man team with another action-packed itinerary full of long days, sleepless nights and a handful of challenging roadblocks along the way. We would pack as much gear into as few bags as possible, fly from Denver to Iceland, Iceland to Rome, Rome to Barcelona, Barcelona to Amsterdam and finish the journey in Munich for a well deserved beer at Oktoberfest. We would spend four or five days at each location and film non-stop from sunrise to sundown trying to capture enough footage to fill a 5-7 minute video per location while fighting back the stress that comes with travel-heavy productions.

Our first stop. Majestic Iceland.


When you’re traveling non-stop and working the entire time it’s important to have the right crew along for the ride. The blend of personalities becomes just as important as your crews skill with a camera. For this project we hired long-time friend and all around badass Rex Lint from Crested Butte, Colorado and superstar Shawn Corrigan out of LA. Both guys are rockstars with a camera, have traveled the world and are tons of fun to hang out with. The perfect blend.

Shawn sets up shop on Iceland’s Black Sand Beach.

Rex grabs some shots atop one of Iceland’s many glaciers.

With the whole crew in Iceland it was time to work. We awoke at sunrise, traveled Iceland with our amazing guides Bjorn and Gudrun and filmed until our cards were full. We filmed icebergs, glaciers, massive waterfalls, cliffs, beaches, sheep and a ton of Iceland. We got soaked to the point we didn’t know if our gear would work, watched Bjorn rock an Icelandic version of Mustang Sally on his guitar and drank shots of Iceland’s Black Death liquor which tastes like shit. We laughed a ton, took turns controlling the music in the Sprinter and experienced the best that Iceland has to offer in a matter of days. Overall we were off to a good start, but you be the judge…

One of Iceland’s many lighthouses. Shawn walked over the rocks and out into the ocean facing the incoming tide to capture this shot. Dedication.


One of the things I like most about Rex’s style is that he always finds awesome vantage points.


Another awesome lighthouse captured by Shawn.


Shawn jumped at the opportunity to hop in a zodiac boat and capture footage of tourists experiencing the glacier lagoon full of ice over 1,000 years old.


Sometimes you have to put the camera down and experience the world through your eyes. Shawn captured this awesome photo of Rex doing just that.


Although Iceland’s apparently not very religious as a country, you’ll find these beautiful churches hidden throughout the country.


My favorite thing about Iceland is the feeling of being disconnected from the world. It’s rare to find this kind of solitude in Denver and I loved every minute of it.


Next stop Amsterdam.


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