Marketing Videos that Dramatically Increase Sales

Packaging your Sales and Marketing videos will fill your yearly production calendar and guarantees positive impact on your brand, business, and bottom line. This professional video package is 100% customizable and allows easy management of your marketing budget.


  • 85% Video – Used primarily by your sales team to address 85% of the questions they receive during sales calls. It has a dramatic impact when sent out prior to the call.
  • Company Bio Videos – Create simple staff Bio Videos so your customers can get to know you, especially those that are customer facing. Take these Bio Videos and integrate them into your email signature, if you track how many people watch these Bio Videos, you will be amazed. Very few companies take advantage of this 60-90 second marketing trick that creates a dramatic impact.
  • Product/Service Page Videos – Your goal is to have a great corresponding video on each page of your website. Start with the major pages and create a video that explains your service or product. It makes a huge difference in user experience.
  • Landing Page Videos – Every page with a fill in form needs a video to eliminate doubt and answer questions. Increasing trust is why we create videos to explain what’s going to happen once the form is filled in. Studies show an 80% conversion rate increase when a video is on each landing page.
  • Wrong Fit Video – This video is rarely created, yet it separates your company from competition. Everyone covers who they are and what they do. Creating an honest video about who you’re not the right fit for makes you more attractive to potential customers.
  • Social Evidence Videos – Everyone should have testimonials on their site, but words aren’t enough. People want to hear the quote, see the name, understand who’s speaking and view evidence of your customers experience.
  • Claims Video – We’ve heard the claims, but are you confident your business can back it up?  Cut through the noise and back up your claims by creating videos that explain why your company is the best.





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